Our main aim is to adhere to high quality standards and thus make our exclusive mark in the translation and localization world. While the others speak about quality, we DELIVER quality by including the following principles in our translation process:

  • Each request is being analyzed, considering the specific industry, target audience and file format.
  • We use this analysis to create and suggest the individual workflow that suits the best your particular business needs.
  • Our translators are industry specialized and translate exclusively in their mother tongue.
  • Our proofreaders and marketing editors perform the quality assurance and give the final touch to your translation.
  • Creating, maintaining and updating translation memories brings consistency value to your translations as well as cost savings to your translation budgets.
  • Implementing preferable terminology and style by using glossaries and style guides.

Quality is what we value the most but not only in our translation and localization services.

Desktop publish (DTP) and voice over (VO) being an important part of our service packages also meets the high quality standards our customers are looking for. To the team of experienced DTP specialists we add additional linguistic and DTP quality assurance procedures that close the circle of outstanding quality in the field.

The VO service that we offer is a process that we have developed to the smallest detail, ensuring that you get not only the professional voice but also the sound recorded and developed in a professional studio in the required file format.

Translation market is known for its quality services thanks to:

  • its experienced and dedicated project managers;
  • its outstanding service delivery team;
  • its certified, industry specialized mother-tongue translators;
  • employing CAT tools and innovative technologies to guarantee consistency, accuracy, time and cost saving.